Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Thesis film.©2011 Chang Dai

Gorgeous fluid motion and squash and stretch. I love how not staying on model wasn't too necessary and is what worked for this film! Also makes me realize how bad my squash and stretch really is. LOOK AT THAT FLUID MOTION. I have a problem where my stuff gets too stiff because I try too hard to stay on model. This is such true animation.

These are things 2D can do better than 3D or film. So many of us have forgotten that.

Too often, we try to make 2D too on model, too stiff, and too realistic. This video shows us that 2D doesn't have to mimic reality perfectly. If it sticks to its own style and strengths, it can shine brightly as an individual medium.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Stitch Dialogue Test 25

This is a dialogue piece from 2D Character II. I finished it up (mostly) and changed a couple of things, like the final key frames. Take a look at the old version to see the difference!

"What-what would you say you do here?" dialogue is from Office Space.

Stitch and the frog belong to Disney.

Edit: If the video is lagging for anyone, just go to Vimeo to watch it. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pins and Needles (SCN02 Cleanup With and Without Layout_03) (New Version!)

I recommend going straight to Vimeo to watch these. The compression and video lag isn't so bad there. In layman's terms, it looks better on Vimeo.

This is the cleaned up animation of the second scene in Pins and Needles. This first video is a rough composite with the incomplete layout. This is an updated version, version 03.

I've fixed anticipation issues and the upper arm, which was "growing" in the old version.

Pins and Needles (SCN02_ExportCleanupwithLayout_03) from Jennifer Hochman on Vimeo.

This second video is without the layout so that it's easier to see the character animation. This is also an updated version.

Pins and Needles (SCN02_ExportCleanupwithoutLayout_03) from Jennifer Hochman on Vimeo.

This scene is currently being colored by Kat Hochman. I'm considering making the harsh Flash colors semi-transparent so the figure isn't as harsh and flat-looking.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3D Character I

This guy still needs some work.

This was my final project in 3D Character I after having not touched Maya in almost two years (intro courses). I pretty much had to relearn the entire program from scratch.

I still have a lot to learn about the graph editor, and he still needs a lot of tweaks based off that, but overall I was happy -- I worked hard to relearn Maya after only doing 2D for a few years.

3D_Dialogue_Burgundy from Jennifer Hochman on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

2D Character II Dialogue Pieces

These are dialogue pieces from 2D Character II. (Taking 2D Character III now!)

Stitch is saying, "What-what would you say you do here?" which is a line from Office Space.

It's very rough animation and needs quite a few inbetweens (and ears). As for the animation, the thing that bugs me the most is his lack of anticipation before jabbing the frog with the gun.

As I go back and finish this piece, I'll correct that. :)

Stitch and the frog design belong to Disney.

Dialogue_StitchandFrog_DoHere from Jennifer Hochman on Vimeo.

This next piece is Jasmine saying, "Chocolate, who needs a reason?" The dialogue was recorded at SCAD. We worked with Performing Arts students; they voice acted and we animated to it.

It's very rough animation and needs a lot of work and inbetweens. A lot. I really prefer Stitch even though this project came after him -- though, I think that's just because I spent more time on Stitch.

I want to flesh this out, fix her giggle, and change the ending. I think it would be a stronger piece (subtle animation-wise) if at the end, Jasmine were to slyly look beyond the cupcake and say, "Who needs a reason."

Jasmine and Aladdin belong to Disney.

2D_Dialogue_Jasmine_Chocolate from Jennifer Hochman on Vimeo.