Saturday, March 20, 2010

2D Character II Dialogue Pieces

These are dialogue pieces from 2D Character II. (Taking 2D Character III now!)

Stitch is saying, "What-what would you say you do here?" which is a line from Office Space.

It's very rough animation and needs quite a few inbetweens (and ears). As for the animation, the thing that bugs me the most is his lack of anticipation before jabbing the frog with the gun.

As I go back and finish this piece, I'll correct that. :)

Stitch and the frog design belong to Disney.

Dialogue_StitchandFrog_DoHere from Jennifer Hochman on Vimeo.

This next piece is Jasmine saying, "Chocolate, who needs a reason?" The dialogue was recorded at SCAD. We worked with Performing Arts students; they voice acted and we animated to it.

It's very rough animation and needs a lot of work and inbetweens. A lot. I really prefer Stitch even though this project came after him -- though, I think that's just because I spent more time on Stitch.

I want to flesh this out, fix her giggle, and change the ending. I think it would be a stronger piece (subtle animation-wise) if at the end, Jasmine were to slyly look beyond the cupcake and say, "Who needs a reason."

Jasmine and Aladdin belong to Disney.

2D_Dialogue_Jasmine_Chocolate from Jennifer Hochman on Vimeo.

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