Wednesday, September 30, 2009

720 x ?

I'm playing around with sizes and I'm a little stuck.

The standard is 720 x 540, but 720 x 480 looks so pretty with the layouts. I'm thinking of making the opening and end scenes 720 x 480 with black bars top and bottom to fit a 720 x 540 format. I think this will help separate those "real life" sequences from the "memory" sequence which will be 720 x 540.

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  1. Ah, resolutions. What's the output format? Don't forget about aspect ratio squeezes. For instance, if you're outputting to web, 4:3 would be 640x480. But if you're outputting to dvd, 4:3 would be 720x480 with a .9 pixel ratio. I know 720 is the standard for some reason in the animation dept, but it would make a lot more sense to do things at 1280x720, which is widescreen 16:9 and is now the defacto standard for HD TV.