Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Layout

Edit: I just viewed these layouts on a normal monitor after working on the Cintiq.

They're way too light on this normal monitor. Stupid Cintiq making things appear darker than they really are. I need to learn how to adjust those settings.

It's also partially Monty Hall's fault for not maintaining consistency between their labs and equipment.

I'm going to fix this and then post again.


A mostly finished background. This is part of the 'memory' sequence, hence the different mood.

The line art:These few have the spotlight at various intensities. It's not exactly a true spotlight, but a "dreamland-memory sort of spot light." In other words, I am terrible at rendering light - much like that perspective situation!

I'm thinking the first, but with less intensity on the floor. There's still a lot to do.

Oh, these background comps are the "Grunge" version since the desk looks so dirty. I'm going to change that as I finish this layout.

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  1. Hey,
    So, I'll ask your forgiveness ahead of time, but, I got inspired to do a little light-related painting based on this.

    It's really rough (the cone of the spot isn't exact, shadows off, etc), just did a quick paint-over in Photoshop. Maybe it'll be useful in some way in terms of rendering a spot-light type situation? I also re-framed a bit to 720x480 to tighten up a bit of the foot space at the bottom of the panel. At any rate, I had fun doing a little painting to wind down the evening. So, thanks for the inspiration!