Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I worked on a normal monitor and managed to correct some of the issues, but it's still a little too washed out. Good thing I'm still working on it. I'll continue adjusting the brightness/contrast/etc. off the Cintiq to avoid further problems.


  1. Nice composition! I agree, this is an improvement in contrast and color over the previous versions. I really like the spotlight because a)focuses our attention and b)creates an atmosphere of pressure, pressure on the animator to perform at a high level. I know this is still rough, but I really like the texture you're creating where the light hits the floor, a kind of low fog. Was that intentional and are you considering expanding the fog/haziness to give this the feeling of a memory, where things are obscured except for the pertinent details? This is looking great, I want more (in time). :D

  2. Actually, the fog wasn't intentional. I just am inexperienced with rendering on a Cintiq, so things don't go quite the way I plan them to. :P

    However, like you said, it DOES help the memory mood and create the feelings of pressure and isolation. I was definitely going for that, which is why I'm keeping it.

    Still needs work. :)

    P.S. Waiting on *your* scans, sir!

  3. haha, oh that. ;)

    I will hopefully be done with the Pika drawing I'm working on and the model sheets. All those are going up this weekend (thanks for staying on me about it! <3)

    As to the "fog", Bob Ross would call it a happy accident. If you like it, definitely keep it in! :D Looking forward to more from you.

  4. Cintiq's are particularly bad with color accuracy/viewing angles - it's good to have a second monitor you can throw stuff on to check it as you're working. I agree about the fog, it is quite nice!